The Greater Detroit District (GDD) Refugee Resettlement Program

*The GDD C&S Committee has entered into a refugee resettlement partnership with Samaritas Social Services.

*Samaritas cooperates with the U.S. Department of State in resettling refugee families from counties all over the world.

*Samaritas expects to resettle in Michigan over 3,000 refugees in the 21-month period beginning June 2024.

*The GDD has committed its churches to resettle one refugee family each month beginning in June. In large and small ways, there is an opportunity for all 81 GDD churches to participate in resettling a refugee family.

“Everything is so beautiful.”

On June 24th Naima Alkhalil and her 3 daughters were the first refugee family to be resettled under the GDD Refugee Resettlement Program. GDD volunteers a long with volunteers from Samaritas Social Services and Birmingham Frist UMC (the participating church) completely furnished the family’s first home in America. Having a home in Dearborn Heights is the end of a very long journey for family. They are Syrian refugees who fled their home country during war time and migrated to Turkey. Naima lost her husband, and the children lost their dad, who was a causality of the Syrian war. After all the family has been through, the middle daughter summed up her feelings as she looked over her fully furnished home – “Everything is so beautiful.”

It is a blessing and very rewarding for all of us in the GDD to have the opportunity to offer a helping hand to a refugee family in desperate need of a friend.

In July Cass Community UMC will be the participating church. For information on how you and your church can become involved in the GDD Refugee Resettlement Program, contact Carol Driscoll at [email protected].

Jesus calls us to action in Matthew 22:39: “The second most important commandment is love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

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