Michigan looks to weave our future

In February 2019, hundreds of delegates will converge on St. Louis, MO, for a Special Called Session of the General Conference.  They will seek a way forward on the issues surrounding LBGTQ persons. At stake, may be the future of The United Methodist Church. While this event may have a significant impact on the future… Continue Reading Michigan looks to weave our future

GDD Lay Servant Ministries 2018-2019

Lay Servant Ministries

The course of study details, registration information, important times and locations are summarized in the table below. For additional details and any questions, please contact Sharon Appling by this email. Session Title Details Reg Form Fr 7-9 (Zoom call) Sa 9-12 (@ Hope UMC) Su 7-9 (Zoom call)             Prerequisite… Continue Reading GDD Lay Servant Ministries 2018-2019

MOSES Water Equity

MOSES Project Water Equity

  A new video on the makeup and structure of the Great Lakes Water Authority is available here. Water Equity: A newly imposed drainage fee charges non-residential property owners $750 per impervious acre of the property. This is not a sewerage fee for treating sewage, but nominally a fee to pay for the cost of… Continue Reading MOSES Water Equity

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Charge Conference Information

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