Michigan looks to weave our future

In February 2019, hundreds of delegates will converge on St. Louis, MO, for a Special Called Session of the General Conference.  They will seek a way forward on the issues surrounding LBGTQ persons. At stake, may be the future of The United Methodist Church.

While this event may have a significant impact on the future of the global church, here in Michigan, we recently declared that we are “Better Together” in mission and ministry. We have just formed a new annual conference with a new and exciting structure for creating disciples of Jesus Christ.  That is not to say our new conference is free of disagreement.

Look for articles, videos and constantly updated resources in “A Way Forward Toolbox” located here.

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An invitation to gather March 9th
A pastoral message from Bishop David Bard 

Dear Colleagues in Jesus Christ,
I want to share further information with you about the gathering of elders, deacons and local pastors that has been announced for March.  On Saturday March 9, I am inviting all elders, deacon and local pastors of the Michigan Conference to gather at First United Methodist Church in Midland from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  The time will be an extended time of worship to include both comments and questions and responses about General Conference 2019.  I trust you will make every effort to attend, knowing that there are other commitments you have made which may make this impossible.
Because of the distances for our colleagues in the Upper Peninsula, the Northern Skies District Superintendent, Scott Harmon has agreed to host clergy in the UP who would prefer to limit their travel at a live streaming gathering at Hope Connections Campus in Marquette.  You will be able to participate with those gathered at Midland and share communion together in Marquette.
I expect more information will be forthcoming in the near future, but wanted to share this as soon as I could. Your prayers for General Conference continue to be appreciated.

Grace and Peace,

David Alan Bard
Michigan Area