Camp Leader Training Opportunities


Attention:  Camp Leader at the 2019 Urban Methodist Youth Camp this summer. 

If you are camp staff who will be staying overnight on the campgrounds, you are required to attend the following Orientation & Authorization Training Workshops:

Mandatory for:

Event Name


Date & Time


Authorization1                    (if needed)

Authorization Workshop II  (Final class before Camp)

Required if not already authorized by the Conference

Saturday           June 22               1pm – 5pm

Brightmoor Aldersgate UMC              Detroit, MI

All Camp Staff

Camp Orientation                   

Camp 2019 Program       (planning, training)           Lunch @ 1 pm

Saturday            July 20            11am – 1pm           

Brightmoor Aldersgate UMC            Detroit, MI

Registration Volunteers   Resource Staff

Registration Training

Assignments & Training

Saturday            July 20                       2pm – 3pm

Brightmoor Aldersgate UMC            Detroit, MI

Counselors     Only

Camp Orientation

Camp grounds orientation,            Group Assignments

Wk 1 July 27-28                 6pm

Wk 2 Aug. 3-4

Judson Collins        Onsted, MI

 1Note:  You must complete this workshop in order to stay overnight at the campsite. This is the new authorization class under the new Michigan Conference.  Every staff person must take this class if you have not completed it last year, or at the Spring Retreat in May. Your authorization will be good for three years.

Week 1

July 28 – Aug 2 (Grades 6-9)

Week II

Aug 4 (Grades 9-12)

Executive Dean:  Pastor Esrom Shaw, Detroit Mt. Hope UMC, (313) 515-8828

Executive Dean: Pastor Jonathan Combs,, (313) 595-7810

Camp Pastor: Pastor Jonathan Combs, Garden City First UMC

Camp Pastor: Pastor Suzy Hutchison, Plymouth First UMC

Camp Activities Dean: Charles “Dean Chuck” Boayue, 2nd Grace UMC

Camp Activities Dean: Charles “Dean Chuck” Boayue, 2nd Grace UMC, 313-598-4999

Program, Administration, Registrar:   Audrey Mangum, Brightmoor Aldersgate UMC,

Program, Administration, Registrar:   Audrey Mangum, Brightmoor Aldersgate UMC, 912-432-3001

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